Sun Valley Lanes has been selected to host the World Tenpin Bowling Association Youth Championships in 2016. The event, which will draw approximately 300 of the world’s best youth players aged 16-21, will take place in July 2016. “Bowling and other great sporting events have a long-standing tradition here in Lincoln,” said Jeff Maul, executive director of the Lincoln Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. “We are fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with the Lincoln Bowling Association and Sun Valley Lanes. … This event highlights the professional staff and atmosphere at Sun Valley Lanes, many teams from across the world, and will provide bowling enthusiasts in Lincoln the opportunity to support those athletes during their visit.

“The event will be more than just a bowling tournament, as it will culminate a festival of activities centered around the event, and we know that Lincoln will be proud to support the event, as we are a great sports-loving town,” Sun Valley Proprietor John Losito said.