We offer sand volleyball leagues 6 days a week! The Summer 2023 season begins on June 4th.

Please Note:
6v6 leagues are 9-week seasons. Teams are guaranteed 9 matches.
2v2 and 4v4 leagues are 8-week seasons. Due to the playoff structure, teams are guaranteed 6 matches but could play up to 8.

***9:00 PM leagues will play in the Summer only.  9:00 PM teams will not be guaranteed a spot in a Fall season league, but will have first choice in any 6:30 PM or 7:45 PM league that doesn’t fill during the “returning team registration” period for the Fall season.***

For Sand Volleyball related inquiries, you can use the contact form in the top menu bar or EMAIL US

Co-ed: Mixed leagues where teams consist of males and females.

Recreational: The rules for these leagues are more conservative. Jump serves are not allowed. Slight “lifting” is allowed.

Beginner: These leagues will use a larger/lighter volleyball. Underhand serves are required. Spiking is prohibited. Other rules, such as “lifting” are more conservative.