We’re happy to be bringing you Sand Volleyball leagues in the spring of 2021!  Our facility will include three courts with high-end sand, a walk-up bar accessible from outside of the building, easily accessible bathrooms, and seating for players and spectators.

Our 2021 Spring Volleyball registration opens to the public on March 17th.  If you have already pre-registered your team, check your email for a special early access link to complete your reservation process!

Our spring season begins on May 2nd.  Due to construction delays, the spring season will run for 6 weeks.  All future seasons will run for 9 weeks. The registration fee has been adjusted accordingly to reflect the shorter season.

All spring leagues are $150 per team (6-person teams) which includes all taxes and fees.  Registration must be completed at the link below.

For Sand Volleyball related inquiries, you can use the contact form in the top menu bar or EMAIL US

2021 Spring Sand Volleyball Schedule


Co-ed: Your team cannot have more males than females on the court at any given time.

Recreational: The rules for these leagues are more conservative. Jump serves are not allowed. Slight “lifting” is allowed.

True Beginner: These leagues will use a larger/lighter volleyball. Underhand serves are required. Spiking is prohibited. Other rules, such as “lifting” are more conservative.