Man on his knees measuring a bowling lane
Large blow-up bowling pin mascot standing with other mascots, including Herbie Husker and Lil Red
Red 10 pound bowling balls sitting on a bowling ball rack
Orange 8 pound bowling ball on the lane, right before it hits the pins
Big Red Keno paybook
A billiards table with a rack of balls and two cue sticks
Fun Valley Arcade with some games and the bowling scoring monitors in the background
Fun Valley Arcade with the Typhoon ride being the centerpiece
Sun Valley Lanes concourse with lanes 15 to 32 in the background
Sun Valley Lanes bowling lanes with the Sun Valley Lanes L.E.D. sign in the backgroud
Bowling lanes with pins on lanes 27 to 32
Splitz Bar and grill dining area with tables and TVs
Bowling pins on wall and a picture Jeremy Sonnenfeld and his score sheet from his 900 series
Close up of a full rack of bowling pins on the pin deck
Close up of a bowling ball as it hits the pins and strikes
Redemption wall with prizes and bowling balls
Sun Valley Lanes L.E.D. sign on the wall
Splitz Bar and Grill counter with TV menus above it
Sun Valley Lanes entrance at night with the Sun Valley Lanes awning lit up
Close up of the sweep as it is on the pin deck, with the 10 pin still standing in the background
Close up of the touching screen on a bowling lane, with the Sun Valley Lanes logo on the screen

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