When did Sun Valley Lanes open?

Sun Valley Lanes opened on December 27, 1977. At the time, the bowling center was done in the stylish 70s colors of harvest orange and brown. During the late 80s, the center morphed into the complimentary gray and mauve color scheme.  In the late 90s and 00s, the center went “wild” with neon pink and neon blue, to help accentuate the glow bowling craze.   Today, the center has moved to the natural color scheme of brown, creme and gray, which highlights the wood color of the lanes, and the colors of the stone that border the center walls.


Is smoking allowed in the bowling center?
Sun Valley Lanes is smoke-free, in conjunction with Nebraska law. Anyone wishing to smoke must go outside of the building, and bowlers are not allowed outside in bowling shoes (regardless if they own the pair of shoes or renting them, as gravel attached to the shoes could damage the approaches).


Why is it important that I don't go past the foul line?
Most people don’t realize that we actually apply conditioner to the lanes surface every single day. The reason is simple, friction. If we did not condition the lane, then the bowling balls would ‘rip up’ the lane due to friction. Walking on a bowling lane is like walking on ice. It is extremely dangerous and should never be stepped on or injury may result.


Why is important for my bowling shoes to remain dry?
The sole of all bowling shoes is made out of some type-form of leather. This allows you to slide when you release the ball. If the leather gets wet, then it becomes extremely tacky. Since some ‘damp’ spots are difficult to spot, bowlers are encouraged to remain in the players area during competition. Regardless, all bowlers are encouraged to ‘test’ their shoes before making a delivery, if they have left the bowlers area, or believe their shoes may have gotten damp.


What is the lane made of?
Sun Valley Lanes has AMF HPL Synthetic Lanes installed. These lanes replaced the original wood lanes starting October 1, 2004. In 2007 the HPL synthetic approaches were replaced with QubicaAMF’s new SPL textured approaches. In 2011 all of the head panels (first 12 feet of the lane) were replaced with new SPL head panels.


Do you have Keno?
Sun Valley Lanes does have keno. The game is operated by Big Red Keno and the City of Lincoln. To place a keno bet, just stop by the Splitz Lounge!



When is a good time to bring the family or friends open bowling?

Although open lane availability varies by date and time, Sundays are historically when we have the most lanes available. The ‘busy season’ for Sun Valley Lanes is from December-March, however open lanes are available even during this time. Remember, you can always check open lane availability on our website, and even guarantee a lane with a prepaid reservation.

Does Sun Valley Lanes offer game pricing?

Effective September 3, 2018, Sun Valley Lanes will no longer offer “game” open play pricing.  All open bowling will be either “time” or “unlimited” based.

With time bowling pricing, the lane is rented by the hour and can be prorated by the minute.  The price to rent the lane is the same regardless of the number of people bowling on that lane (the scoring system will allow up to 12, however we recommend up to six people per lane).

With unlimited bowling pricing, the price to bowl is charged by the person for a set amount of time, usually for 2-3 hours, depending on the event.   In some cases, Sun Valley Lanes may require a minimum number of people on a lane in order to receive unlimited pricing.

By moving to time/unlimited pricing, this will allow us to better estimate the availability of open lanes, and allow all open play customers to be able to access HyperBowling, which will allow for a better overall customer experience.

What is Hyper Bowling?

HyperBowling is our state-of-the-art game where there are colored targets that multiply the score as part of the game.  There are four different games of HyperBowling available; HyperBowl, HyperBowl Pro, HyperActive and HyperSquad.   All four games utilize a unique combination of ball speed sensors and an intelligent bumper system.   The targets have the ability to move and vary in size, depending on the game.  The best part about HyperBowling is that they are games that EVERYONE can play, but ANYONE can win, regardless of skill level.

HyperBowl; HyperBowl can be enjoyed by anyone and a good place to start to see just how much fun and how challenging it can be.  It looks easy from the sidelines, but watch out…you’ll be hooked!  Take aim at the colorful targets on the bumpers to multiply your pinfall while leveling up to more challenging levels.   Audience – anyone looking for fun.

HyperBowl Pro;  Just because you’ve mastered traditional bowling, doesn’t mean you’ll be a pro at HyperBowl Pro.  Pro delivers the same basic game mechanics and scoring as HyperBowl, but with seriously escalating challenges and shots.  Pro was built for the competitive player and features complex targets, changing sizes and bigger scoring risks.  Audience – Those looking for a challenging or more competitive experience.

HyperSquad; HyperSquad is a strategic team game where you claim territory and score is based on your team’s ability to hit the target.  A hit in a dark area lights that section and claims your territory.  Beware of hitting the enemy territory or getting a foul or you will be guilty of siding with the enmey.  Whomever has the most bumper space claimed at the end of the game wins!  Audience – Groups, parties and other events looking for fun team competition.

HyperActive;  A wild and crazy game with FAST changing targets of various colors.  Hit the right colors to multiply the pins, but hit the red and Buster will appear leaving you with a zero.   Get lucky enough to hit the 10X multiplier and strike to earn the Golden Buster.  Bowlers can take pictures and become part of the competition.   Audience – Great for groups, all kids and fun competition.

Sun Valley Lanes was the first center in the world to offer this unique way to play, and is currently the largest HyperBowilng installation in the world!

Does Sun Valley have bumpers for kids and/or adults?

ALL of our lanes have ‘automatic HYPER bumper’ availability. The auto-bumpers are state-of-the-art and another Sun Valley exclusive. These bumpers have the ability to have the bumper available by player, regardless of age. This allows families to play together on one lane, and are even available for adults on request, per management discretion.

What is Xtreme Bowling?

Xtreme Bowling refers to bowling when the pins and lanes ‘glow’ under black or special effect light conditions. At Sun Valley, we normally offer two type of Xtreme Bowling events – Xtreme Boogie Bowl and Xtreme Sizzlin’ Saturdays. During Xtreme Boogie Bowl, the glowing lanes and pins are complimented with special effect lighting (including lasers and strobes), fog, and music. The music will vary depending on the type of Boogie Bowl event (retro, teen night, college night..). During Xtreme Sizzlin’ Saturdays, you will not only be able to dance and bowl all night long, you will also have the chance to play several of our exclusive BES bowling games.

For over 15 years, we offered a Saturday night program called Xtreme Moonlight Madness. Due to the popularity of music while bowling, Xtreme Moonlight Madness was discontinued during the fall of 2004. An extremely popular event, Xtreme Moonlight Madness is still available to full center rental events, by request.


How do I join a league?
In general, traditional leagues will begin in August and May. Short-season, 10-12 week long “Express” leagues will begin in September, October, January, February, May, June and July. If you are interested, please email us.


Can I get a bowling ball personalized at your pro shop?
Yes, we have two IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association) certified professional Dwyane DaMoude on staff that can customize a ball for you. It is best to call the pro shop to verify their availability for certain dates and times.


Do you sell food and beverages?
Sun Valley Lanes offers a large variety of food and beverages at our Splitz Bar and Grill. Items ranging from traditional bowling alley fare, such as Burgers and Pizza, are complimented with healthier choices, such as salads and wraps. All items are cooked fresh and made to order, like any other traditional restaurant. Sun Valley Lanes also has the ability to cater events for large groups. Interested parties should contact the manager-on-duty for a copy of the group events menu. Splitz also offers a full line of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, featuring Pepsi products.
Can we bring in our own food or beverages?
No. In accordance with health department and liquor license regulations, Sun Valley Lanes does not allow any outside food or beverage to be brought into the bowling center. Occasionally exceptions are made for large groups conducting a center rental. All outside food and beverages for group events will be assessed a plating and/or tapping fee.