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More Info

Are you lost and can’t find us? No worries…

Sun Valley Lanes is located at 321 Victory Lane (formerly Applecreek Rd.), Lincoln, Nebraska, 68528.

We are located just over the West ‘O’ street bridge off of Sun Valley Blvd.

Only 5 short mintues from downtown Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus.

321 Victory Lane
Lincoln, Nebraska, 68528
(402) 475-3469

Have Questions? Need Directions? Want to Join a League? We can help!

You may send us an email to our general mailbox or fill out one of the forms at the bottom of the page.

For immediate assistance, please call us at (402) 475-3469

John Losito

Brian Kleinknecht
Operations Manager

Paul Hawthorne
Facility Manager

Jen Miseno
Group Sales Director

Dwyane DaMoude
Pro Shop Director

RJ Neal
League Coordinator

Broderick Enderle
Lounge Manager

General Inquiries
SVL General Mailbox

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    If you would like us to contact you via email, please be sure that the @sunvalleylanes.com domain is white listed in your spam settings.
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