A Premier Midwest Bowling Center

About Sun Valley

Our clean, fun and ultra-modern facility provides a cutting-edge scoring system, an advanced video and sound system, traditional and club lighting, and most importantly, a friendly and professional customer service staff. We make the experience fun for everyone.

We also offer exclusive non-traditional fun bowling games not found in any other Nebraska center, including Rocky Road Race, Virtual Red Pin and Strike Challenge, just to name a few. See our full list of games available and their descriptions.

  • 32 modern lanes
  • 49″ LCD scoring monitors
  • LED touchscreens at every lane
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • State-of-the-art arcade and redemption center
  • Full service bar & grill with large screen HD TV’s
  • Billiards, Megatouch, and Bankshot
  • Big Red Keno
  • Catering available

Tour Sun Valley Lanes from the comfort of your home!

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