2018 Intercollegiate Championships (April 16 – 21)

Sun Valley Lanes is proud to host the 2018 Intercollegiate Single Championships and Intercollegiate Team Championships from April 16th through 21st! Click to link to the right for a tournament schedule.

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2017 Lincoln Women’s City Tournament – Final Standings

32nd Annual Bud Light Matchgame Results

Congratulations to Rick Miller for winning the 32nd annual Bud Light Matchgames on November 19th, 2017!  Rick lead the field of 80 to claim the top prize of $1500!
Next year’s field will be capped at 80 entrants and first place will be guaranteed $2000!  Check back here in the summer for the updated flyer and information about register for the 33rd annual Bud Light Matchgames on November 18th, 2018!