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Sun Valley Lanes Adds Lincolns Most Modern Redemption Arcade

Sun Valley Lanes is pleased to announce the addition of a new, 1500 SF, state-of-the-art redemption arcade! This new addition, which will open in May 2015, will bring a new level of game play that Lincoln has not seen before. The arcade games will be managed by the Intercard system, which means no quarters or tickets will be used or distributed at the games. "We know it's 2015 and tickets and tokens are out of date. Now you can purchase your SVL play pass, which will not only track your credits and points won on a game, but you will also be able to use this same card to make food, beverage and bowling purchasese within the rest of the center! It truly is your passport to FUN!" stated Sun Valley Proprietor John Losito.

With over 20 games to choose from, and a wide selection of redemption merchandise to play for, the new "Fun Valley" will become the new leader in Lincoln area fun. Along with this addition, Sun Valley Lanes will continue to focus on being Lincoln's best place to "meet, eat and compete", with other additional facility improvements which will be forthcoming over the next few years.

Sun Valley Lanes To Host World Youth Championships In 2016

Sun Valley Lanes has been selected to host the World Tenpin Bowling Association Youth Championships in 2016. The event, which will draw approximately 300 of the world's best youth players aged 16-21, will take place in July 2016. "Bowling and other great sporting events have a long-standing tradition here in Lincoln," said Jeff Maul, executive director of the Lincoln Convention and Visitor's Bureau. "We are fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with the Lincoln Bowling Association and Sun Valley Lanes. … This event highlights the professional staff and atmosphere at Sun Valley Lanes, many teams from across the world, and will provide bowling enthusiasts in Lincoln the opportunity to support those athletes during their visit.

"The event will be more than just a bowling tournament, as it will culminate a festival of activities centered around the event, and we know that Lincoln will be proud to support the event, as we are a great sports-loving town," Sun Valley Proprietor John Losito said.

Sun Valley Lanes and John Losito wins LCOC Celebrate Business Tourism Award

Congratulations to our very own John Losito and Sun Valley Lanes for earning the 2013 Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Celebrate Business Tourism Award. The award is annually given to a local business that helps develop tourism in the Lincoln area.

Based on his efforts in hosting several national events including the 2010 National Special Olympic Games, the 2012 and 2013 Intercollegiate Team and Singles Championships, the 2015 State Games of America bowling event, the 2016 World Youth Championships, the annual Nebraska High School Bowling State Championships, Big Red Collegiate Invite and the Star City High School Open, the award seems well deserved.

Congratulations John and Sun Valley Lanes for bringing people to our great city. Check out John's acceptance speech here.

Sun Valley Lanes Installs QubicaAMF's BES-X Entertainment System.

Sun Valley Lanes is pleased to announce that the next evolution in bowling is here - BES-X! This new bowling scoring and entertainment system makes bowling even more fun for all of our customers, from recreational to professional. Sun Valley Lanes partnered with QubicaAMF to help develop and beta-test this system starting in April 2012. After months of hard work, we are officially the first center in the world to launch this product!

The new BES-X system has revolutionized bowling. With new non-traditional MAD games; Monster Factory, Character Factory, Battle on the Lanes and Bowlin' Hood have truly redefined the fun in bowling. These games have adaptive skill levels, which allow players of different skill levels to compete against each other in an exciting, short format. Other system enhancements include the exclusive Youtoons feature. Now customers can take their photos at the lanes on our new touchscreen lane terminals, which will allow their photos to appear on the scoring grid and in the fun animations that appear on the overhead monitors. The new touchscreens also allow for social activities while bowling, such as Lane Chatter and Facebook Game Connect.

Competitive bowlers will truly enjoy many new features in BES-X, such as our new skill games; Head Hunter and Last Pin Standing. These games challenge even the die-hard bowler and equate the playing field regardless of skill level. Other improvements such as new statistical information appearing on the touchscreen will track bowler’s statistics in real-time.
"We are proud to partner with the innovation leader in the bowling industry, QubicaAMF", stated center proprietor John Losito. "This new BES-X system is easy to use and the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.", he added. "Our customers expect the best and we are always striving to provide just that. There is nothing like BES-X and we know that our customers will appreciate all the great features. BES-X is light years ahead of anything else out there." stated operations manager Brian Kleinknecht. "We know that these games will appeal to all sorts of our group events, from birthday to corporate parties. I am truly looking forward to watching people laugh at the on-screen animations with their photos. It will be fun to see." states group events manager Shawn Herout.

Come check out how bowling is changed at Sun Valley Lanes with our BES-X scoring system.

History was made at Sun Valley Lanes on February 2, 1997!

The 900 Series

On February 2, 1997, here at Sun Valley Lanes, a sophomore on the University of Nebraska Men's Bowling team did what is often considered the ultimate in bowling accomplishments. Jeremy Sonnenfeld managed to string together 36 strikes, on three separate sets of lanes, to achieve the first ever ABC approved 900 series. The first approved 900 series in the 101 years the American Bowling Congress had been in existence.

Using a 16 pound Columbia Pearlized Pulse, Sonnenfeld walked into the record books, and almost certainly the ABC Hall of Fame. ABC has said that six other 900 series have been reported over the years, but all were rejected for various reasons, including poor or improper lane conditions. The previous record for a series was 899, shared by three bowlers.

As news of the "Perfect Series" broke, the news media came to Sun Valley Lanes, for interviews, and to film both "Mr. 900" and the bowling center the 900 was bowled in. According to one media source, over 60 media outlets contacted Sonnefeld for interviews. The staff at Sun Valley Lanes fielded calls not only from the USA, but several foreign countries as well. And, in the traditional humbleness that is Nebraska Athletics, Sonnefeld made time to speak to as many of the media as possible.

The bowling world is proud to have a representative like Jeremy Sonnenfeld, and the staff at Sun Valley Lanes salutes "Mr. 900."

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